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Emergency Medical Case

Emergency medical case - Dry box for medicine

This Emergency Medical Case is used around the world by emergency medical technicians and sportsman. A tough, O-Ring sealed, medical case that can be used in 101 different ways. The lower section is designed as a water resistant container, this box features a reliable "tongue & groove" construction to help keep out everyday dust and moisture. The handy 2" deep lift out tray provides easy access to small items while leaving plenty of space below for large items. The top section is for quick access and is devided into 5 compartments. The box features a comfortable recessed handle and a large easy to open latch. Pad locked for security. Box measures 15.0" x 8.8" x 13" high and is stackable. This product has been used for first aid boxes, paramedics boxes, police boxes, rescue squads, emergency medicine case, first aid supplies, drug transporter, evidence box, etc.

Cat. No.  SPUD2-35   Color:   Orange       

Price:   $27.77  



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