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100 Place Microtube Freezer Storage Rack

A premium grade polypropylene microtube freezer storage rack with lid. The racks lip is alpha- numerically matrixed with 1-10 and A-J characters. Specifically designed for easy on and off usage with microcentrifuge tubes (MCT). Accommodates 1.5-2 ml microtubes, standard cryovials and 1.5mL(12 x 32mm) vials. Rated to -90oC and features a colored base with a CLEAR LID. Rack, with lid closed, will hold a 12.3 x 44.2mm vial, but will expand to 61mm. Empty rack measures 5.8 x 5.8 x 1.9 inches. They are sturdy, see-thru & stackable.

Cat. No.        Color        Price          10 or More MR01-00     Natural      $5.00              $4.50 MR01-24    Clear Blue       $5.00                $4.50

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