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mtm molded products building

We our the factory and we produce these products in Dayton with American and Japanese plastic injection molding machines. We are a small company that has been blessed to be in business for the last 40 years(2008). We use an outside E-commerse site to handle our order taking and are committed shipping your order within 3 business days. Our products are made from prime grade plastic with extra thick walls for outstanding durability.

MTM Medical is a division of MTM Molded Products of Dayton Ohio. MTM started molding in 1968 as a plastic box manufacture in the sporting goods business. If you go to you will see the large selection of boxes that MTM sells to other manufactures that sell their products in. We do make products for some of the biggest medical manufactures out there. If you should happen to need 1000 or more of any of our products we can quote you special pricing and customize them to suit your needs.

We want to Thank You for being our customer and we will do our best to provide you with a product you can trust.